The topical seminar course is an open forum for exploring diverse interests and aspects in media and communication. Topics relevant to the Nigerian and African environments, or to the discipline, are treated through a series of seminars. Such topics are current, relevant and add value to graduate experiences of research and study of communication and media. Such topics may change from year to year. The focus this year is on entrepreneurship and the creative industries.
The creative industries worldwide have taken on greater relevance given their ability to contribute to the creation of both jobs and wealth. However, there is a widespread tendency on the part of the creatives to overlook the fact that to do well they must also follow the basic business principles. In focusing on entrepreneurship and the creative industries, therefore, the goal is to try to understand how business principles come into play in the creative sector. The first part of the course will be focused on understanding the nature of the creative industries while the second part  will be dedicated to core issues of entrepreneurship.