This course aims to give students a general overview of the Advertising ecosystem, with emphasis on how advertising practitioners plan, produce and place effective Advertising campaigns. It exposes you to key terminologies, concepts, functions, effects and significance of Advertising planning. You will appreciate the importance of strategy in the Advertising planning process and gain insights into developing brand positioning and advertising messages, target audience segmentation and selection, as well as media analysis/placement. Under Advertising planning, you will be exposed to the structure of Advertising Agencies and the various disciplines within the Agency (Account Planning, Account Management, Creative, Production and Media), as well as the processes with which they operate. Students will also appreciate the role of campaign evaluation in the planning process and the role of industry regulators and associations, such as APCON, AAAN, ADVAN, MIPAN, OOAN, and a few others.

At the end of this course, students will have acquired the knowledge, tools and techniques to make more informed and effective Advertising decisions, as well as determine the suitability of Advertising as a career choice.